Review: TOCCA SPF towelettes

Another summer, another quest to keep my skin as pasty white as ever. Yes, you read that correctly. In case you’re new to the blog and aren’t aware of my anti-tanning stance, I’ll refer you to this post from Skin Cancer Awareness Month last year.

Anyway, my skincare routine includes moisturizer with SPF every day, high SPF lotion when I’m going to be in the sun for extended periods of time, big floppy hats and beach umbrellas. But sometimes I end up in the sun when I haven’t been able to plan for it (i.e. lunch with my co-workers at a sidewalk cafe in the sun). So it’s great to have an on-the-go option for those times. However, I hate keeping lotions of any sort in my bag, because I’m paranoid about them exploding. And I certainly can’t keep them in my car, because they’d definitely explode in this heat.

Enter the TOCCA Stella SPF 30 Towelettes (one of The Plaza Beauty‘s spring picks). They’re basically like the cleansing towelettes that have become very popular, but are saturated in sunscreen. It’s a lightweight formula with Vitamins E and B5, aloe and marine silk.

I used the towelettes for the first time on a company trip to an amusement park last week. I knew I’d like be in the sun a fair amount, but didn’t want to bring a big bag, or deal with the previously mentioned explosion potential. First of all, these things smell awesome. This is no average sunscreen smell — they are blood orange scented!¬†Definitely¬†a pleasant detail. The saturation level is good: plenty of sunscreen to cover what I wanted it to cover, but not so much that it was messy. It’s not a non-greasy formula, but no worse than a traditional sunscreen.

Most importantly, I didn’t get burned. Which is the ultimate point of judgement. So, two thumbs up, and I’ll definitely be keeping these in my makeup bag.

Disclosure: Sample product provided by The Plaza Beauty, but all opinions are mine.