Are you scared of bright lip colors?


You’re scared of bright lip colors, huh? More comfortable with a simple balm or sheer gloss? Well, you should get over it. Here’s why:

    1. Wearing bright lipstick is like putting on a pair of hot stilletos — it might be out of your comfort zone, but it gives you a little extra spring in your step.
    2. You will get compliments. Unless you’re someone who wears bright colors on a very regular basis, people WILL notice this change. And I can almost promise they’re going to tell you they love it.
    3. Eyes are a little tired looking? Didn’t have time to accessorize before heading out the door? With bright red or fuchsia lips, no one will notice.
    4. People will think you’re fearless. Shrinking violets don’t tend to go for bold colors, so a bright lip sends a subconscious message that you’re a badass.

Now that we’ve all agreed that you should try a bold lip if you’re not already, let’s talk products. I told you a few months ago about my new Dior lipstick, which I’m still loving. My day-to-day favorite is my Nars gloss pencil in Luxembourg. And whichever color I’m wearing, I use a base of Dior lip pencil in 999 Rouge Dior — a must for long-lasting coverage that goes with either reds or pinks.

I also put together a roundup of products — with the help of some of the lovely ladies in my office — that covers a range of shades and price points, so there should be something there for (almost) anyone!


I’ve got a two-part question for you: First, do you wear bright lip colors? If you do, what’s your go-to shade or product?

  • Jen L

    I love my YSL Rouge Volupte. It stays on forever and smells/tastes good (not that you’d eat it like a lip smacker but you understand) :) I also just got Laura Mercier Moi and although I’ve worn it once, I think I’ll like it.

    • Jessica

      You just reminded me that I have a YSL lipstick hiding somewhere in my makeup drawer! They have a great formula. I don’t think I’ve ever tried Laura Mercier’s lip products, but I’ll have to check that one out.