Am I boring, or just brand loyal?


Ask any woman who loves fashion, and she’s sure to have some brands that are her favorites. For most people, I think this usually applies to clothing — just ask my friend Katie about her love for J.Crew, or refer to Grechen’s recent post about James Perse. At different times, I’ve certainly frequented one store or another (Banana Republic in the first several years of working life is probably the best example), but that had more to do with convenience and price points than true fanaticism. But where I do find myself really falling in love is in accessories: namely Rebecca Minkoff bags and Kendra Scott jewelry.

I discovered Rebecca Minkoff about four years ago, thanks to my daily Shopbop stalking, and bought my first bag, a butter yellow MAC, not long after. Since then, I’ve added two more MACs (another regular size and a mini), two MAB Minis (my favorite of all the RM styles), two small crossbody bags, a striped tote and a slightly ridiculous fuschia croc Swing that I picked up at a sample sale. Oh, and my diaper bag. I’ve rarely paid full price for any of these bags, but that’s still a LOT of Minkoff. You can see a bunch of the bags in my old posts, if you’re curious.

My love for Kendra Scott is more recent, but is growing rapidly. It started with a pair of the classic Danielle earrings, which led to the smaller (and much easier on the earlobes!) Elle earrings, the Rayne necklace I got for my birthday (pictured here and here), and most recently, the Alexandra earrings that I wore to my friend’s wedding (seen here). AND I just found out that the August PopSugar Must Have box includes a pair of Elle earrings, which I couldn’t be more excited about.

I couldn’t even tell you what it is about either brand that I love so much, but I do know that I seem to be addicted — the more pieces I own, the more I want. So, herein lies the question: am I a brand loyalist who sticks with what she likes, or just completely stuck in a rut? I’ve definitely told myself that I need to stop buying RM bags — and I did get that Kate Spade bag in the spring — but I can’t help myself.

On one hand, it seems silly to stop myself from buying things just because I have a lot of pieces from a certain brand. On the other hand, I don’t want to be a one-trick fashion pony who can’t branch out. What’s a girl to do?

Do you have brands that you can’t get enough of, or do you try to spread the shopping love?