Surviving the cold with your style intact

I’m not quite sure when it happened, but the East Coast and many other parts of the country have turned into an Arctic wasteland. If you live in LA where it’s been 80 degrees out recently, don’t talk to me.

Since most of us can’t roll out the door in a snowsuit every day, here are a couple of looks to prove that you can be warm(ish) and still look cute.

Cold weather chic #1

I am pretty much obsessed with this Rebecca Taylor coat. Other than the obvious visual impact, this coat has two key ingredients in the trying to keep warm arena: it has a high wool content, and it’s long. Waist length coats might look cute, but when the thermometer is reading 6 degrees (like this morning), that extra length makes a HUGE difference.

This is a great look to wear with a dress or skirt when you need to get a little dressed up. The boots prove that you can have warm footwear that doesn’t look clunky, and the tights are actually fleece lined!

Cold weather chic #2

For a more casual look, a parka is great — but stick with something that doesn’t make you lose your shape. This one will be flattering, thanks to the tie nipping in the waist. And the boots from The North Face will look really cute with skinny jeans tucked in.

If all else fails, crawl under the covers and refuse to come out until it hits at least 50 degrees. Which is exactly what I wanted to do this morning ;)

Dress your best for New Year's Eve

Aah, New Year’s Eve, the most over-hyped night of the year. Whether you’re a NYE lover or hater, chances are you may have plans that will involve you wanting to look hot. I’ve put together a few outfits to inspire you, whether you’re headed to a black tie gala or to your local bar.

This outfit would be great for going out to dinner and drinks with friends. It’s New Year’s, so don’t be afraid to step it up with sequins and killer heels! Sequins are EVERYWHERE this year, but some of my favorite pieces are from Alice + Olivia.


I’ve always wanted to go to a fancy schmancy ball on New Year’s Eve that involves me wearing a gown and drinking champagne that costs more than $9 a bottle (Andre, anyone?). It hasn’t happened yet, but maybe one year. If you are going that route, I like choosing a classic dress and then playing with your accessories. A navy gown is a bit unexpected in a crowd of black, and sparkly jewels make a big impact. I’ve had really good luck with finding long dresses at Nordstrom and Macy’s.

Somewhere in between dinner and drinks and the black tie gala is the all night open bar event. These parties usually involve girls in cocktail dresses and lots of cocktails being imbibed. Have you noticed I’m stuck on clutches? This one is, unsurprisingly, a Lauren Merkin. I have an almost identical one that’s my go-to for fancier outfits.

Last but not least, here’s one for you ladies that will be spending your night at a house party with friends. You might notice that I own a few of the pieces in this set, and that’s for a reason. This is the type of outfit that most of you can build from your closet — a nice dark wash pair of jeans, a cute top, some comfy but fun flats and whatever accessories you have to spice it up!

Time to start outfit planning — I hope this helped. Feel free to leave a comment sharing your NYE plans!

Making the transition into fall

If you live somewhere with four seasons, you’re probably dealing with the same weather as me: daily high temperatures swinging from 70 to 90 degrees, chilly in the morning, steamy at lunchtime, freezing at night. So what’s a girl to wear? I spent some time playing around on Polyvore (it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it) and came up with four looks to help get you through this transitional period. I tried to hit a range of dress codes, from business casual to cocktail attire. And I’ll give you a hint: layering is key, no matter what the occasion.

Tell me, what are you wearing to ease your way into fall?

Beat the heat at work

If you live anywhere on the East Coast of the U.S. you are dealing with the same thing I’m dealing with — a week of 100 degree weather. And while I know that back in blizzard season I would have loved a hot day, now it just feels like my skin might melt off. There are really only two acceptable activities in this weather: being submerged in a pool, or sitting on your couch with the air conditioning blasting.

But for the those of us who don’t have the luxury of these activities, the challenge is figuring out how to dress for work in a way that will keep you as cool as possible while still maintaining some level of professionalism. I put together a few outfits for inspiration if you’re struggling this week. Keep in mind that depending on your office environment, certain things (bermuda shorts, sandals) may or may not be appropriate. I’m building these looks with a business casual environment in mind. Don’t blame me if HR gives you a hard time ;)

Beat the Heat Outfit #1Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Outfit #1 features linen pants, which are a great lightweight substitute for dress pants, paired with a sleeveless blouse and wedges.

Beat the Heat Outfit #2Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
Outfit #2 shows that you can wear shorts without looking like you’re off to the beach. The key is the right fabric, and pairing with a nice top and shoes. I’d recommend wedges or heels instead of flats to make the outfit look a little bit dressier.
Beat the Heat Outfit #3Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

Dresses are an obvious option for the summer, but skirts are often overlooked (including by me). Outfit #3, featuring a loose cotton skirt, is a great breezy alternative, and can be paired with a more casual top and sandals to wear on the weekend.

With that, I wish you all luck in surviving this heat wave. And I hope that your air conditioning works better than the system in my office, where it is currently 78 degrees indoors and rising.

Fourth of July outfits you’ll actually want to wear

Going to a 4th of July party this year but don’t want to wear that Abercrombie & Fitch flag tee shirt you’ve had since high school? Here are a few ideas for how to be patriotic without sacrificing style. My overall tip: focus on the color palette without being too literal. Of course, if you manage to work in some stars and stripes, that’s okay too ;)

4th of July chic #1Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

4th of July chic #1 by beautifymylife featuring MICHAEL Michael Kors shoes

4th of July chic #2Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

4th of July chic #2 by beautifymylife featuring Becca Cosmetics dresses

4th of July chic #3Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

4th of July chic #3 by beautifymylife featuring Old Navy

So what are your plans for the 4th? And more importantly, what will you be wearing??